Summer Stretch 2017!

What is Summer Stretch? Summer Stretch this summer is a 4 day summer ministry for those going into 6th grade and coming out of 8th grade, in other words 5th-8th graders (Fall 2017-Spring 2018). The teens participate in doing service in the morning, eating lunch, and having fun in the afternoon.

Below are the dates, times, service projects, and afternoon fun activity.

Day 1: Monday, July 10th

Time: 7:30am– 7:00pm

Service: Area Service projects

Fun Activity: Wild Mountain, Taylors Falls

(Lunch will be provided)

Day 2: Wednesday, July 12th

Time: 7:30 am– 5:00pm

Service: Feed My Starving Children

 Fun Activity: Bunker Beach

Day 3: Tuesday, July 25th

Time: 7:30am– 5:00pm

Service: Handing out flyers

Fun Activity: Shady Oak Beach

Day 4: Thursday, July 27th

Time: 7:30am-8:00pm

Service: Collecting Food

Fun Activity: VALLEYFAIR

Cost: $150 includes lunch 1 day, a T-shirt, all fun events, and transportation                                                                                                                               

How to REGISTER for Summer Stretch:

please fill out online permission slip/Availability Form,  and either a deposit of $50 (final payment due July 1st) or the full payment of $150 to the parish you are registering with

St. Albert Church ATTN: Ruth Gladitsch P.O. Box 127 Albertville, MN 55301

St. Michael Church ATTN:  John O’Sullivan 11300 Frankfort Pkwy. NW St. Michael, MN 55376

If you have any questions, any questions at all please contact Ruth Gladitsch or John O’Sullivan

HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!!!!! :) Summer Stretch is so fun!