Who We Are:

We on CORE Team are committed to serving our parish through our own relationship with Christ and planning and running Youth Events through out the year to lead others closer to Christ.  Core Team is open to teens in grades 9-12.

Committed to a Personal Relationship with God

As members of Core Team, we are dedicated to maintaining our personal relationship with God through daily prayer, personally seeking out the sacraments regularly, and striving for virtue in our daily lives.


Committed to the Catholic Church

We are Catholic and proud of it! Core Team members are dedicated to not just doing the bare minimum, but in attending Mass multiple times a week, studying the teachings of the Church, monthly confession and more!

Committed to Ministry

Core Team members specifically are called to love and reach out to other youth in our community, especially those younger. We plan and lead events, build friendships with younger teens and our peers, doing our best to be the role models showing an example of what it means to be a teenager following Christ in our complicated world.


committed to evangelizing our world

On Core Team, we are dedicated to answering the universal call to evangelize the world. In school, on social media, in our friendships, sports teams, and families, we strive to let our lives be a witness of God's love to those around us.

committed to loving one another

We are a family on Core Team. Nobody is perfect, and we all need forgiveness. In D-Groups, at Core Team meetings and in our daily lives, we strive to be there for each other. Love is a choice and a sacrifice, not just a feeling... and that is how we are committed to live.

Interested in joining core? 

CORE Team is a 1 year commitment, beginning each August

Our Expectations are:

- Already fulfilling your Sunday obligation and on Holy Days
- Confession 1x a month and as needed
- Spending 15+ minutes in daily, personal prayer
- Consistently making choices that lead you closer to God
- Remembering that you are representing the Catholic Church by your words and actions
- Actively participating in a Discipleship Group.

Time Commitment:

- Attend monthly team meetings (typically on a Friday evening)
- Attend all training and retreats.
- Remain actively involved with your D-Group (2x per month)
- Plan, attend and facilitate Friday Night Lives through out the year (September-May)
- Attend 4th and 5th grade Fun Nights, Breakaway nights, and other ministry events as able.

How to Join:

- Get involved! Come join our high school events, shadow at an FNL, get out of your comfort zone and get to know people at youth group!
- Talk with your parents about the commitments. Make sure that this commitment is something that you can build your life around, not the other way around.
- PRAY! Core Team is not always easy, so make sure that you pray about if this is where God wants you to be.
- Fill out the online application. Applications open up each May (link will be on this page). It takes a good chunk of time to complete, so give yourself time to do it.
- After you submit your application, schedule a "1-on-1" meeting with one of the youth ministers, a time for us to get to know each other a bit, talk about the commitment for Core Team and give you information you need to move forward! The sooner you schedule this meeting in the summer, the better! 
- Join a D-Group (if you are not in one already) as a way to grow in your faith!