Fundraising Opportunities for Youth and their Families

Our hope and prayer is for everyone to be able to come join us each summer on our trips, retreats and camps!  We offer a variety of fundraising opportunities throughout the year for your family to raise money to offset the cost of the various events.   Check back regularly for more information about how to sign up for these fundraisers!  We will post information on how to sign up for these fundraisers as soon as they are available, but feel free to contact John or Ruth in the meantime with any questions!

After wrapping up a fundraiser, it may take up to three weeks to update our records to reflect the amount you earned, but feel free to shoot us an email anytime with any questions.  Thank you for your patience and your participation in our youth ministry fundraisers!



November/December: Christmas Tree Lot - 

February: Winterfest - Click here to sign up!

March: Buying Stock in Youth - Click here to sign up!

Lent: Fish Fry - Spots are limited.  Parent volunteers needed to! Click here to sign up!

June: Friendly City Days Parking Lot Fundraiser

July-September: 4-Wheeler Raffle Ticket Sales 





Meat Raffle

Parents or high school seniors at least 18 years of age are able to sign up for these occasional ongoing fundraising opportunities.  Spots fill up fast!

To receive information about open slots available, email Jodi at or call/text 763-688-5022 or Monica at or call/text 763-443-9134