Internship Opportunities



What We Require:

  1. Solid relationship with God through daily prayer, frequent use of the sacraments and fidelity to the Catholic Church.

  2. Good communication skills.

  3. Willingness to work with a team of youth ministers and other interns and dividing responsibilities among the team.

  4. Organized, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments.

  5. Creative and Flexible.

  6. Interns must have easy access to a computer, and preferably a smart phone.


Do you love sharing your faith with others?  Are you interested in getting the inside scoop and learning more about Youth Ministry while building your resume?  STMA Catholic Youth Ministry (St. Michael Catholic Church and Church of St. Albert) is always open to working with teens and young adults and who want more experience in working with youth and the Church.

There are three types of internships we have available.  The first is our 12-month paid internship, which is open to young adults age 18+.  The second type of internship is our unpaid, summer internship for young adults 18+.  The final type of internship is a for-credit (and sometimes not for-credit) high school internship for teens ages 16-18. High School internships last for one trimester or semester and must be approved by your school to receive credit. 

As an intern, you will get to work with the youth ministers and the other staff to work on youth ministry projects and plan/lead events while building relationships with the teens who participate.

Our ideal candidate is someone who already has experience in youth ministry as a leader and who understands the challenges and miracles of relational ministry. Someone who already knows and is familiar with social media, charismatic prayer, and, most importantly of all, has a deep and committed relationship with Jesus Christ and is a faithful, practicing Catholic according to the precepts of the Church and in fidelity to the Pope.

For more information or to apply:  Please contact Ruth Gladitsch or John O’Sullivan.

High School Juniors and Seniors: Internship descriptions are below, pick one that fits your talents/interest!

Marketing and Design Intern

Program Intern

Design and Maintenance Intern

Data and Administration Intern