Want to make this Lent the best one yet?

Join us in the ultimate Lenten challenge: Lent It Up 2018!

The three-part Lent Challenge:

Part One: Prayer

Accept the challenge to attend Mass on all Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, and go to Confession at least once during Lent AND choose two from this list:

- Weekly Holy Hour in the Adoration Chapel. Information on the parish websites.

- Daily Mass (yes, every day!) Times and information on the parish websites.

- 20 minutes of daily, personal prayer

- Daily Scripture reading

- Daily Examen

- Have another idea?  Feel free to be creative!


Part two: fasting

Accept the challenge to abstain from meat on Fridays, observe the fasting guidelines AND choose two from this list:

- Give up social media

- Uninstall all your games from your phone/device

- Give up snacking in between meals

- Give up complaining

- Give up the snooze button

- Give up procrastination

- Give up secular music

- Give up music/radio/audio while driving in the car

- Have another idea?  Feel free to be creative!


Part three: Almsgiving

Accept the challenge to go out of your way to help others, no matter what the personal cost AND choose two from this list:

- Get up early/stay up late in order to do a chore that someone else usually completes.  Do this frequently.

- Donate 10% of your money (or more) to those in need.

- Volunteer somewhere without being rewarded in any way (i.e. don't use these as documented service hours for school, etc.).

- Compliment everyone instead of gossiping about them.  (repeat the compliment to their face)

- Have another idea?  Feel free to be creative!


Other Lent 2018 events and resources:

Fish Fry: Friday, Feb 16th and Friday, Feb 23rd.  4:30pm-7pm. St. Albert Parish Center.

Soup Supper: Info coming Soon

Passion of the Christ Movie in the St. Michael Youth Room: Good Friday, March 30th following the 3pm Service at St. Michael.

Living Stations of the Cross: Info Coming Soon!

Normal Stations of the Cross: Info coming soon!

Divine Mercy Novena: Begins on Good Friday!