Random Evangelization Training Day

The encounter project

for teens and young adults age 16-24!

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Come for a day of prayer and training with other youth and young adults to reflect on what it means to evangelize and how do use everyday encounters to change a life; day includes “street” evangelization in pairs at Mall of America.

Saturday, March 9th, 8am-8/9pm


With so many people around the world hurting in various capacities, it begs the question: Are not the multitudes of unreached people on the heart of God? ...God has been trying to find someone who will hear Him say, ‘Will anyone go for us?’”

- John Kostohris, Catholic speaker, worship leader and founder of the Encounter Project initiative

The Encounter Project an initiative of Catholic university students and young adults actively striving to provide as many people with an encounter with God through daily evangelization.


Saturday, March 9th, 8am-8/9pm  A $20 donation for food and transportation is requested.  STMA Catholic Youth Ministry will be arranging transportation to and from the event. Meet at and return to St. Albert parking lot. If you are an adult over 21 and would like to join us as a chaperone, please contact Ruth!