Summer Internship Opportunities

Note: summer-only internships are different than our year-long paid internship.  Contact John or Ruth for more information about this.


What We Require:

  1. Solid relationship with God through daily prayer, frequent use of the sacraments and fidelity to the Catholic Church.
  2. Knowledge of Church teachings, especially some of the more controversial social issues.
  3. Experience in youth ministry as a teen or adult leader.
  4. Good communication skills.
  5. Willingness to work with a team of youth ministers and other interns and dividing responsibilities among the team.
  6. Working knowledge of popular social media platforms.
  7. Organized, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments.
  8. Creative and Flexible.
  9. Knowledge of (or willingness to learn) how to use Microsoft Office, especially Excel.
  10. Interns must have easy access to a computer, and preferably a smart phone.

 Required dates: Interns must be available for the following events, as well as other flexible, TBD dates and times.

  1. Extreme Faith Camp, including the day before we leave for camp.
  2. All Summer Stretch days.
  3. All Open Youth Room days.
  4. All Summer Power Hour days.

Do you love sharing your faith with others?  Are you interested in getting the inside scoop and learning more about Youth Ministry while building your resume?  STMA Catholic Youth Ministry (St. Michael Catholic Church and Church of St. Albert) is looking for two or three on-fire young adults who have prior experience in working with youth either as an adult or as a teen volunteer and who want more experience in working with youth and the Church.

Each summer, STMA Catholic Youth Ministry provides numerous event opportunities for teens to grow closer to Christ.  These events are high-energy and require a great deal of prayer, planning and coordination.  As an intern, you will get to work with the youth ministers and the other interns to plan and develop these events and lead the events while building relationships with the teens who participate.

Our ideal candidate is someone who already has experience in youth ministry as a leader and who understands the challenges and miracles of relational ministry. Someone who already knows and is familiar with social media, charismatic prayer, and, most importantly of all, has a deep and committed relationship with Jesus Christ and is a faithful, practicing Catholic according to the precepts of the Church and in fidelity to the Pope.

What You Will Do:

  1. Commit to daily Mass and daily personal prayer.
  2. Assist with planning, coordinating and leading the preparations for Extreme Faith Camp.
  3. Build relationships with teens in our parishes.
  4. Brainstorm and follow through with ideas to reach out to youth in the STMA community.
  5. Plan, coordinate, attend and lead Summer Power Hour and Summer Open Youth Room.
  6. Assist with leading Summer Stretch.
  7. Assist youth ministers with office work, emails and promotions as needed.  
  8. Work on special projects and youth room upkeep as needed.
  9. Pray and intercede for the youth of our parishes and for the success of STMA Catholic Youth Ministry events.
  10. Learn how to pray with others in prayer ministry.


The position begins mid/late-May and runs through mid-August.  Summer-only internships are unpaid with semi-flexible hours.

You are expected to arrive early for all events and stay late after all events specified above.  You are expected to work 5-15 hours per week outside the scheduled events.  These hours can include meetings with the youth ministers, meetings with your fellow interns, office work, and other assigned projects throughout the summer.  Some projects may allow you to work remotely.

Please contact Ruth Gladitsch or John O’Sullivan for information on how to apply.