Summer Stretch: July, 2019!

Registration will be open in the Spring.

Summer Stretch is a 4-day summer ministry for those going into 6th grade through coming out of 8th grade, (in other words 5th-8th graders for the 2019-2020 school year). The teens participate in service projects and awesome Summer fun activities!  See the daily itinerary below.  Cost will be announced with registration and includes lunch 1 day, a T-shirt, all fun events, and transportation

Days/Times/what to bring:

Breakfast will be provided each day.


 Day #1, date tbd: 8:30-5 p.m. 

Area Service Projects: We will be going to nursing homes and working in our parish/ Shady Oak Beach:

Pack a Lunch, Bring swimming suit and towel.



 Day #2, date tbd: 7:30am-8pm 

Handing out Flyers/ Wild Mountain at Taylors Falls:

We will begin the day with Mass at 7:30.

Lunch provided, but you will need to bring a dinner. Please bring a swimsuit and towel.

If your child would like to participate in the Freefall Ride at Wild Mountain please fill out the liability form and send with them on this day. This ride is not included and will cost $7 to participate in.


 Day #3, date tbd: 7:30am-5pm:

Feed my Starving Children/Bunker Beach:

We are asking all youth to please consider raising some funds for this event. You can go to this link and forward to others to donate:  or you can ask others to donate to St. Michael Catholic Church by sending in a check or online here.  All Donations need to be collected by Thursday, July 19th, so we can bring a check with us this Monday. We are hoping every youth can raise at least $30 to assist in covering the materials we will packing this day.

We will begin the day with Mass at 7:30.  Bring your own lunch. Please bring swimsuit and towel.



 Day #4, date tbd:  7:30am-8pm:

Collecting Food/Valley Fair:

Bring your own lunch and dinner or money for both.  Please bring swimsuit and towel if you plan on swimming.

If you are planning on giving them money for meals, plan on at least $10 per meal.

Our group will go to a predetermined spot where an adult will stay with the belongings throughout the day. Youth will be asked to check in at 4 pm at this spot. All youth must be in a small group, they will not be allowed to roam around the park alone.



How to REGISTER for Summer Stretch:

Please fill out online permission slip below (available in the spring) and submit your deposit either electronically or to the parish office.

If you have any questions, any questions at all please contact Ruth Gladitsch or John O’Sullivan

HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!!!!! :) Summer Stretch is a blast!