Do you need to reboot your faith? Want a place to connect with other teens and ask deeper questions? Do you desire a chance to reconnect with God and grow as a person? Start here!

Mark your calendars and Stay tuned for information about our next day of reflection: January 20th, 2020

Why should I come to the day of reflection?


Meet other teens, especially those on Core Team!

We all are on a journey together. We all need God; We all need one another. We are called to spread his love to the world and to reach out to others by living our own personal faith as best we can. This is what over 100 high school teens at STMA strive to do each day. Join us on this day of reflection!

Take Time to pray and grow in your faith!

We all get distracted in prayer; We don’t even always know how to pray or what to say. The best way to combat these is to “retreat” from the battles of this world and take a day to reflect and recommit to the person that God wants us to be. This day will be full of great opportunities to do just that!

Want an even more intense “retreat” to reconnect with God? Sign up for the Steubenville Summer High School Youth Conference/Retreat!


Got Questions?

Life throws us curve balls and leaves us asking questions. What is the purpose of my life? Who is God? How do I pray? Am I wanted? What does the Catholic Church teach about _________? Am I really loved? I feel ashamed/broken/sinful/unwanted/alone, what do I do? Join us on this awesome day, ask these questions and more!