Apply to join Core Team 2019-2020!

Ready to apply for Core Team 2019-2020?

Step 1: Make sure you fully understand the Core Team expectations and commitments (on the "what is Core Team page")  Returning Core: there are some changes again this year!  Make sure you read everything carefully.  

Step 2: Have your parent register for your dgroup for the 2019-2020 school year.   High school: Click here.  8th Grade: Click here.

Step 3: Apply online through your family portal.  (It takes a while, so give yourself lots of time to complete it!  We recommend writing and saving your answers in a separate document and then copying and pasting your responses into the form.) For a copy of the questions to review as you prepare your application, click here. Applications are due July 31st.

Step 4: Attend ONE of the three Core Team Summer Orientation Nights (For New AND Returning Core Team). The three options are: August 7th, August 12th and August 14th. Check the Youth Ministry Calendar for more information about time and location. Please turn in your recommendation forms at your orientation.

Step 5: Find two references to fill out the recommendation form.  We need two recommendation forms filled out for each applicant.  Please have two, non-relative, adults (teacher, coach, d-group leader, family friend, etc) fill the reference form out and return to you or the Youth Ministry office.  These are due at your orientation date or no later than August 16th.

Note for returning Core Team/volunteers: Please note that reference forms are good for three years before we need new ones; check with us if you aren’t sure if you need to turn new ones in!

Step 6: Upperclassmen - sign up for a Virtus training session before you turn 18 if you haven't already taken one. You can do so through the Virtus website. Instructions are available here.


Step 7: Teens AND parents should sign up for our Remind message group.  This is the primary way we share updates with Core teens and parents.  (2019-2020 Core has a new Remind code.  Returning Core members will need to sign up again.) CLICK HERE for the PDF instructions.

Step 8: Register for the August 16-18th Retreat, which is mandatory for all Core Team members. Registration form is available through the online portal by clicking “Log-in” in the links below.

Step 9: Mark your calendars for all Sunday evening events & the January 20th Day of Reflection, as these are mandatory.

  • please also mark your calendars for the FNLs/Fun Night & Breakaway large group events, according to your ministry commitment.

  • There will NOT be a printed youth calendar this year, please refer to the online Google youth calendar and refer to the parent packet (coming soon!) for more information.

If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire!
— Saint Catherine of Siena
  • PARENT packeT: 2019-2020 Coming soon!


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!