Are you willing to host your teen’s Discipleship Group?

be a part of their journey of faith and friendship

  • Offer your teen’s group a safe and comfortable place to grow in their faith


A Host Home is the most comfortable way for a Discipleship Group to meet and offers parents a chance to get more involved and visit with the group leader more directly!

Host Home parents are not directly present in group meetings, rather, they help greet participants as they arrive, have water or other beverages available and most importantly, help maintain a safe environment for all our young people involved in D-Groups. Host homes should ideally also have wireless internet access for groups to access their online video content as necessary.

D-Groups meet twice per month for about 2-3 hours per meeting. Talk to your teen’s group leader today to see if the group is in need of a host home!

  • Safety is our priority


In order to keep all our young people safe, the adult host must complete the safety requirements and complete the necessary forms. Click here for more information about these.

The D-Group leader and adult host are responsible for maintaining a safe environment. Hosts are also responsible for submitting a list of other adults who live in the home or have unrestricted access to the home.

Hosts and parents: please contact us right away if you have any concerns, however vague or unfounded they may seem.

  • Sign up to be a host home!


Are you interested in being a host home for your teen’s group or another group? Check with your teen’s group leader or Ruth Gladitsch to see if your group needs a meeting location.

If so, you can complete the forms online by logging into your family account (or create a family account if you have not yet done so).

  1. Log into your account

  2. Select your (the host/homeowner) name from the “Family Members” list

  3. Click on “My Forms” and “Complete a New Form”

  4. Under the section heading “In-Home D-Group Meetings,” complete the Host/Homeowner agreement once per household/home address.

  5. Under the section heading “In-Home D-Group Meetings,” complete the “Adult Release of Liability: In Home Meetings” form. Repeat this step for each adult who would be present in the home during youth D-Group meetings.

  6. We will verify each adult’s safety requirements and follow up where necessary. Get a head start on these by following the instructions on our Safety Requirements Page.