Make a difference by leading a Discipleship Group!

“My D-Group leaders have made a huge impact in my life. It’s always nice having their support whenever I need it. I feel comfortable talking to them about anything.”
— Abby E.

Mentor.  support.   pray.   lead.   love.

The cornerstone of our ministry in the St. Albert/St. Michael community is in relational ministry through Discipleship Groups.  These groups consist of 1-2 adult leaders and 5-7 girls or 5-7 guys that journey together towards being a disciple of Jesus Christ in our world today.

The role of a D-group leader is to simply build relationships with the teens in the group, to encourage them in their faith and love them as God has loved us.  D-group leaders do not need to have experience in working with teens, just a heart for Jesus, his Church and his children!

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When & where do discipleship groups meet?

The answer varies.  During the first year of D-group (8th grade), groups meet at one of the parishes on Wednesday nights.  After 8th grade, groups can meet in a home, at a restaurant, at one of the parishes or almost anywhere!  Parishes will typically be available Mondays and Wednesday evenings for groups who would like to meet then.  Some groups meet on weekends or before school depending on leader's work schedules and the teen's own schedules.

I have never worked with teens before.  Will you train me?

All new 8th grade groups are a part of the Breakaway program.  Breakaway not only helps bring 8th grade youth closer to Christ and give new Discipleship Groups the best start possible, but also trains and equips D-group leaders over the course of the year to be an effective witness to the teens in each group.  We will train you and equip you and always be there to answer questions and provide you with resources along the way!

What is the commitment?

For the first year (8th grade Breakaway), D-group leaders commit to attending the October Breakaway retreat and 2-3 Wednesday evenings per month October-May.  There will also be training/orientation in August or September that are about 2 hours long.  All 8th grade D-groups also work together to participate in one simple service project sometime before confirmation.  

Following teens 8th grade year, we ask leaders to prayerfully continue with the same group of teens through their high school graduation, meeting twice per month.  D-group leaders for high school students are invited to 3 sessions for ongoing training and check-ins with you to help support you in your ministry.

D-Group leaders are committed to the relationships with these teens as well as the actual meetings.  Some leaders make a point of attending occasional sports events to cheer on their teens, other have ongoing "group-chat" text messages to keep in touch while still others plan social events like movie nights, bowling or laser tag with their groups.  What you choose to do is up to you and your group and will evolve with time.

can i lead a D-Group with my own child in it?

We ask that leaders lead a group that is different than their child's group.  If coordinating schedules is a concern, then we would recommend leading a group in your child's grade, that way you will likely be driving to the same place at about the same time!

How can i sign up for more information?

Make sure you have fulfilled the adult volunteer safety requirements, and email John or Ruth or the Faith Formation staff at either parish to request more information!